Our Core Features

Complaint Management

A complete life cycle of Complaint

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Interactive Charts & Trend Analysis

Check your property’s maintenance trends and make smart decisions.

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Customer Feedback

Boost customer satisfaction through customer feedback.

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Supplier/Vendor Integration

Automate your sourcing and optimize you’r spends.

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Staff Management

Smart way to manage and assign work to staff keeping the productivity

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Real Time Dashboards

Real time tracking of complaints, feedbacks, communications and all.

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Role User Portals

Different Roles with various access

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Productivity Index

Algorithms showing the team and Skillman productivity

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Automated Assignment

Option to auto assign or manual, depending on the company process

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Budget Trends

Get control of your budget by avoiding under or over subscribing

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Multi Tenancy

Having various properties residing on same system

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Integrated Chat (Multilingual)

Your customers and Skillman gaps are covered with smooth communication.

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